You’re married to a service member.  You don’t always get to choose where you live. But you still want to have a lucrative and fulfilling career.

But where do you start?

How can you create the life you want?

With our help.

Create a writing career wherever you are BASED.

You get to decide:

How to spend your time.

Where you work from.

When you want to work.

What you write about.

You don’t have to worry about:

What you’re going to do when you PCS.

How you’re going to juggle work, kids, life when your spouse deploys.

If your family can survive on one income.

Losing yourself to your spouse’s career.

BASED is a community and a resource to push aside your fears, learn about, and create a lucrative writing career.

It’s a resource.

It’ll help you create a career that will move with you.

It’ll help you set up and streamline your business.

It’ll get you more clients and scale your offerings.

Most importantly, it’s a community.

Ready to begin?

Start Here

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We’re going to get you from “I need a job that can PCS with me” to “I have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE.”

Who We Are

I’m Mackenzie

I’m a writer, editor, adventurer, founder of BASED and yes, military spouse.

Even before I married my husband I knew I wanted a job that would move with me.  I didn’t want an office job that lacked creativity and would drain my soul.

My goal then was to work from whatever exotic location my mind could dream up.  I worked from a small rental in Kenya, in a coffee shop in Prague, on the beach in Australia, on overnight trains in Russia, and more.

Now, my goal is essentially the same, but because I set up a location-independent lifestyle, I am able to work wherever the military sends my family (and some exotic locations too.)

I found my freedom.  Let’s find yours.

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