Want to know the most sought-after skill businesses seek from their hires?

It’s strong writing skills.

The idea of clear, concise, engaging and converting writing is an elusive skill not many posses.

And, according to Semrush, hiring a writer made up 52% of hires in the last three years.

This tells me businesses continually seek high-quality writers, and that’s a good thing for you. The one thing I firmly believe in is anyone can be a great writer.

That’s right. If writing is a deep-seated passion, having a profession as a writer is viable, legit, and profitable.

And once you start on this path, there are many different types of writing careers you can try – author, songwriter, journalist, or freelancer – and it will be easy to make money writing!

So, what are those writing careers you can try and master this sought-after hard skill every business is seeking?

Different Writing Careers You Can Try

Remember when I mentioned anyone could be a writer?

It’s true, but not many people can be an online writer. I’ve learned over the years, after reviewing thousands of blog posts from new writers and veteran writers, the trick to writing online and having a sustainable career as a writer is to ditch the academic, strict, thesis-statement writing habit.

The good thing is writing is a LEARNED skill.

Learn on the job, take a course or two, and practice, practice, practice.

To get you started on this path as a legit writer, check out these beginner-friendly careers in writing that pay well.

1 Freelance Writer

I’m a little biased since my profession online is a freelance writer. I started this career in 2014 writing for a division of the Toronto Star.

I felt it was a lucky break, but in actuality, I learned the necessary steps to show potential clients my value, writing skills, and professionalism online.

And you know what that means? It means you – a mom, corporate father, high school student, barista, receptionist, hairstylist, and more – can become a freelance writer and make a living as a writer.

You can do many different types of writing services to help you make money with your content.

Check out these in-demand freelance writing jobs.

  • SEO freelance writing career – Help businesses online craft highly optimized writing to rank in Google. As an SEO writer, you can make around $38, 953. This is an estimate, and it’s up to you how many jobs for writers you want to pick up.
  • Technical freelance writer – If you have a knack for technology, cryptocurrency, and breaking down complex ideas, you can write in the fintech space or tech space.
  • Educational freelance writer – As an educational writer, you can write for educational companies, educational systems, publications, and more. Develop curriculum lessons or tests for companies.
  • Health and wellness freelance writer – According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one year after COVID-19, up to 31% of US adults reported anxiety and depression, and 11% contemplated suicide. Mental health is hurting, and which mean more and more publications are talking about it.

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2 Copywriter

If you have a knack for marketing and persuasive writing, copywriting can be a lucrative writing career.

As a copywriter, there are many different types of short copy projects and writing jobs you can offer like:

  • Facebook ads
  • Email sequences
  • Landing pages
  • Web copy
  • Bios
  • About pages
  • Team pages
  • Ads

I’m not going to lie; learning copywriting can take years. There are many skills within copywriting and copywriting principles you need to learn, understand, and apply.

I started out freelance writing and over the years adopted copywriting elements in my writing and after several years, can confidently call myself a copywriter.

You need to understand copywriting is used to sell while content writing is used to inform.

To help you learn more about copywriting, check out my Youtube video.

3 Magazine Writer

For some people, having your name printed in a magazine – or seen on an online magazine – is the quintessential “I made it!” nod for a writer. I know for me, if I became a writer for Women’s Magazine or Cosmo, I would tell my friends and family all day long!

Magazine writing pays well, too, and for creative writing careers, it can offer you travel, fame, connections, and more. Writing for magazines pay around $54,062/year.

To get started with magazine writing, check out these paid publications:

  • Rova – a travel magazine –  pays $200 per article
  • AMC Outdoors pays up to $750 for a feature article
  • Family Fun pays $1.25 per word

Read the guidelines for each submission form and become familiar with the magazine before you pitch.

4 Journalist

An elite writing career is being a journalist. Broadcast journalists travel for their stories, or work for news companies or have their own TV slot to showcase their stories. If you want to be a journalist, I would definitely try local sources first. This can help you gain clips – samples – of your research and writing and help land bigger outlets.

To be eligible for journaling, you do need a degree in your related field however, it’s not unheard of to start landing stories as a journalist without any experience. Typically, a journalist earns around $41,624/year.

5 Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a very profitable writing career and if you’re an introverted writer, this can be the perfect side hustle for you!

As a ghostwriter, your name isn’t connected to your writing. And, for many businesses trying to grow their brand and credibility – as well as authors, entrepreneurs, coaches – a ghostwriter is a perfect addition to their content marketing strategy.

As a ghost writer you write the content – book, sales page, blog post, article – as the person who hired you for the job. I’ve done ghostwriting for different influencers in the digital marketing space.

I worked with an editor to refine my piece and ensure my piece has the same writing level, skill, and format as the influencer would have written it.

Ghostwriters generally earn up to 50% more than a byline piece. For example, as a freelance writer, I can land an article writing job for $400.

This article would have my author bio attached to it. If this was ghostwriting, I could charge up to $800 for that same piece of content.

6 Author

Have you always wanted to become a writer and write a bestseller? For many freelance writers, this is something they work towards. Personally, I’m toying with the idea of writing a book, but I don’t think this is the year for me!

As an author, you can write fiction, non-fiction, novella, young adult or sci-fi, or academic or entertainment.

Whatever you end up choosing, self-publishing has made it a cinch to get your book on Amazon or on other platforms to sell. Of course, you have to have a good cover image and a strong marketing strategy to get your book out there, but there are many resources available, like this one.

The profits from your book may not be a lot, but many authors create more than one book as a way to make a living as an author.

For example, Meera Kothand is a freelance writing student of mine, and over the years, has published several non-fiction books.

Meera has stated on her site she’s sold over 70,000 books!

If you end up with this writing career, make sure to let me know (DM me on Instagram!) I’d love to check out your book!

7 Owner of a Content Agency

One of the loftiest writing careers you can have is owning a content agency. This implies you have a team of content writers and a healthy client list needing writing for their online business. Your content agency would provide a variety of writing services such as:

Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers, started her content agency when she was only 19 years old! How’s that for ambitious?

Her agency makes well over $1Million dollars a year, and she has a team of 90 content writers. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, this writing career might suit you well!

8 Email Writing

I know I mentioned “email sequences” under copywriting, but I think email writing deserves its own type of writing career.

Writing emails is different than writing a blog post. Since this is a shorter piece of content, you need to engage with your audience quicker while mentioning one thing, rather than mentioning several things as you would with blog writing.

When you add copywriting to your emails, you can then write email funnels, lead generation funnels, welcome series, and more for businesses.

This year I broke into email sequence writing and loved this new writing service.

As a sequence writer for service providers and other creatives, I can write a welcome series or a launch sequence to help them land more clients or more customers.

9 Quiz Writer

A quiz writer, or test writer, writes questions and answers for lead generation, educational purposes or a companie’s content strategy.

Having a quiz as an email opt-in is a popular option for many businesses. For example, Melyssa Griffin is an influencer for bloggers, and her latest email freebie is a quiz.

To be a quiz writer, it’s a good idea to have a general interest in multiple topics like history, food, movies, or language.

Some quizzes may spark humor, so knowing how to write funny questionscould come in handy.

On average, a quiz or test writer earns around 69,000/year.

Over on Contena, a job board for freelance writers, there are quiz writing jobs in all industries, including profitable ones. This job pays $2,000/month for quiz writing.

10 Case Study Writer

As a freelance writer, you might get case study writing jobs more than any other freelance writing job.

A case study showcases a process and the results of a process. It can also be a a business journey or personal journey on how they succeeded with an aspect of business or life.

Businesses that sell services or products often want to know how successful their product or service is. Getting a customer to share their business tool or service results can help business gain more leads overall.

Wishpond, a marketing platform for businesses, has an entire page dedicated to customer success stories, a.k.a case studies.

As a case study writer, you will have to have strong interviewing skills and time in your day for such interviews. In addition, getting background information about who you’re interviewing is important to creating a complete case study.

According to Glassdoor, a case study writer can potentially earn $44,000/year.

11 Comedy Writer

Do you find yourself cracking yourself up? Enjoy writing funny or humorous stories? You can turn this passion into joke telling and become a comedy writer. Comedy writing jobs do exist online, and if you really want to get paid to make people laugh, this writing career is for you!

From writing TV scripts to a column in a newspaper and more, there is no shortage of jobs to help you make a living making people laugh!

12 Resume Writer

A lesser known writing career to make money is writing resumes for a living!

I know – it’s one sheet of paper hiring managers seems to avoid reading but base their entire decision on hiring you – that sheet!

So learning how to write a resume, not only for yourself but also for others, can help you be a profitable writer. A Writeto1k course student, Amanda, is a nurse, and she used her experience writing resumes to land an NP interview and job to help other budding nurse practitioners land their dream job.

While she did offer a resume writing service, she quickly pivoted to creating resume templates for nurses and hasn’t looked back. She’s sold over 1400 resume templates, has a podcast and a society too!

This is how one simple writing career can turn into a mini empire online! You go, Amanda!

13 Blogger

Yes, a blogger is a writer.

I read a lot of blog posts, and not every post holds my attention, but when they do, I devour every blog post a blogger has. Why did their blog post resonate? Because of their writing!

Bloggers help others with their challenges and can grow a brand on social media as well. As a blogger, I specifically help mom bloggers make money blogging. I love helping other mompreneurs grow their income, their email list, and their blog traffic.

You might be thinking though, “But, Elna….do bloggers really make money with their blog?”

To be honest, this type of writing career isn’t stable. Not all bloggers make money; in fact 80% of new blogs created this year will fail.

So, why am I telling you to be a blogger? Because you’re a writer!

I can have multiple blogs and have them be successful because I write for a living. And, more importantly, I write online content which means I know exactly how to capture my reader’s attention and turn those readers into subscribers and eventually customers or clients.

And for you – if you want a career in writing – a blog can help you achieve that and more.

To help you set up your blog, check out my post here.

14 Medium Writer

Have an interest in cultural topics? Or enjoy writing about relationships?

Whatever the topic, Medium has an audience for it.

Medium is a free blogging platform made for writers. Simply sign up and start writing.

With their Medium Partner Plan, you can read any post on Medium and contribute to publications to earn income!

That’s right – you can make money on Medium. If you create viral content Medium readers enjoy, then you can generate thousands a month.

Just look at Zulie Rane’s success on Medium.

While I haven’t made thousands on Medium, I have made hundreds 🙂

Medium earnings

15 Columnist

If journalism is your writing career, you can be a columnist for a newspaper, magazine, or publication. This can also translate into contributing to a magazine as a freelance writer.

Carrie Madormo is a writer for Reader’s Digest. She frequently writes about healthy eating and food.

To write for newspapers, check out local writing opportunities in your city like your city newspaper.

This is what I did when I first started in freelance writing.

These careers in writing help you get your message out and enjoy making money from your writing. And, did you know as a writer or author, you can create passive income for yourself?

Let’s look at twelve ways you can make money with your writing career.

Passive Income Ideas for Writers